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why dont you dirty smelly muslims get the fuck out of england. the home of true english white people.


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Answered on 27-Sep-10 by: amal27

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Well.. 1st u, urself, shouldn't be @, why are u here?

2)- I guess u better turn ur energy & ur anger in an other dirrection through 2 important steps:

#1- U should read more about the history of "ur country" to see how many dozens of countries England have colonized & sucked up their resources, treasures, riches & fortunes in order to become what's U.K now after its dark ages of misery, ignorance & diseases...etc, when the Muslim World then was at the peak of its civilization... so u'll read & find out.

#2- If by then u still feel have that rage 4 Muslims after knowing the truth & the history, so then u'll have only 1 other option to express urself: u plan how to have a talk with David Cameron & ask him ur question; witch is that u want 2.4 million Muslims out of U.K & 1500 mosques down.. & & &, u may get this chance with him, who knows, David Cameron may like 2 listen to poor dumb people like u, u never know, try it. :)
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Answered on 09-Aug-10 by: Kashiif

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Actually ur way of question telling us that u "true English" don't know the Mainers after teaching u Mainers we will come back ;) by the way you English was theaf the wealth of our countries have you forget ch ch ch very sad.
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